Creating Memorable Content for a
Fortune 500 Company

We partnered Kmart with another one of our clients, Risewear, to produce a documentary series.

This documentary showcased the process and outcome of their joint venture “Rise Challenge”–an on-premise slam dunk competition within 11 national markets in the USA.

We designed eight (8) mini-docu episodes and integrated Kmart/Risewear shoe branding into the dunk competition narrative. We choose a docu-style aesthetic and journalistic approach to the narrative. This allowed the shoe to present itself naturally in the story and not come across as an advertisement, or pushy. We chose to ground the story in the basketball characters personalities, and high flying talent.


Social Highlights

  • From July to October 2016, Risewear garnered over 50,000 new fans and followers across Instagram and Facebook
  • More than 12 MILLION impressions (organic) were generated across social media channels
  • Organic social #risewithkmart campaigns reached over 8 MILLION people and 3 MILLION post engagements across social media channels of Risewear and influencers
  • #risewithkmart organic content was picked up by numerous major media outlets such as Bleacher Report, ESPN, Whistle Sports and many more
  • 83% of the traffic on social channels were from males, with a peak age bracket of 16 – 25
  • The top source for traffic to drive brand awareness was Instagram and major media outlets
  • Instagram had the highest engagement with likes, comments and social shares

“Rise on the Road”

We managed to create a mini series during the Risewear tour that focused on the athletes as everyday people rather than focused on their elite skills. This allowed views to better understand the athlete’s background and follow them as they travel the nation.